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Is it possible that at some point in the history of mankind our DNA was manipulated?  90% of the world's population have Rh positive blood.  Rh stands for the Rhesus monkey which scientists have determined share much of man's DNA.  Only 10% of the world's population have Rh negative blood.  Scientists can not tell us where Rh negative blood came from. 

Are we in control of our lives?  Do we truly possess the power of freewill?  We have all heard the saying: "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger" This simple saying assumes one has had an experience and ability to learn and grow from that experience but what if we live our lives completely ignorant that we are being controlled. 

rh negative blood
rh negative the movie

They live among us and beneath us

-the emergence-

Rh Negative  -  the emergence


Directed by Jim Russell
Screenplay by Jim Russell

​Production Company - Mountain Air Productions LLC

rh negative the movie
rh negative
mountain air productions

Do you know your blood type?

rh negative the emergence


mountain air productions